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Everyone wants peace of mind on the road and after the sale.  At Sawyers Bus Sales we offer our "Preferred Class" Quality Care checklist featuring our bus refurbishment options.  When you visit our convenient bus sales facility, our friendly sales representatives will provide you with costs for the item options below on the bus of your choice.  

☐  Check Motor oil - Change if needed

☐  Check Tran oil - Change if needed

☐  Check Rear end oil - Change if needed

☐  Buff Aluminum Rims or Install Stainless steel or paint rims

☐  Check for spare tire

☐  Clean or replace OEM or GFP with color spec entrance steps

☐  Check A/C

☐  Check Heat 

☐  Undercoat, if needed

☐  Check leveling valve, replace if needed

☐  Check power steering fluid level

☐  Check water & antifreeze levels

☐  Check muffler

☐  Check motor fans

☐  Check A/C fans

☐  Check defrost fans

☐  Paint Exterior

☐  Repair or Replace Body Parts

☐  Repair Seats or Install New Upholstery

☐  Clean modesty panels & below luggage racks or replace fabric and/or facing  

☐  Replace missing floor trim (Clean)

☐  Replace missing plastic wall trim beside seats 5” (Clean)

☐  Replace missing hatch trim

☐  Replace missing Rack Doors

☐  Clean out return ducts, paint or replace

☐  Make sure all reading lights work

☐  Make sure all center and side fluorescent lights work

☐  Replace if needed Bathroom Mirror

☐  Repair or replace lenses

☐  Replace toilet seat if needed

☐  Light in bathroom

☐  Bathroom door handle in and out strike plate

☐  Seat parts

☐  Side window parts 

☐  Foot rest

☐  Dash switches and gauges

☐  Driver seat

☐  Any Cracked windshield Replace if not VA state inspectable

☐  All Ext lights Checked Replaced if needed

☐  Make sure DVD and Radio and TV or Monitors work

☐  Check Brakes - Replace if needed

☐  Check Rotors - Replace if needed

☐  Check Shocks - Replace if needed

☐  Check Air Bags - Replace if needed

☐  Check Wheel seals - Replace if needed

☐  Check Airlines – Replace if needed

☐  Check ECAS – Rebuild if needed

☐  Grease bus if needed

☐  Check drive shaft and U- Joints – Grease if needed

☐  Check all tires VA State Inspectable

☐  Check battery’s replace if needed

Used Buses For Sale   -    For Less!