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Tires are one area that should always be a concern. The tires on a bus are heavy-duty, load-rated tires and are costly. Depending on the size, brand, and rating of the tires, a single tire can run hundreds of dollars.

Check the tires for excessive wear, and check the size of the tires to ensure they are not mismatched. Sometimes a previous owner will replace a single tire with a tire that is similar, but if the tires are not the right size, the bus will not handle properly when driving and the tire may not properly support the weight of the bus. It is beneficial to have adequate, matching front steer tires to handle effectively.

This is also a good time to check the rims for visible cracks or damage that might mean you have to replace the rim.

The engine should run smoothly and not stutter or try to stall when you accelerate or have major oil leaks. Also, check the transmission to make sure it doesn’t slip and that it goes into and out of gear without any problems.

When you purchase a bus, your first consideration should be the size of the bus you buy. If you plan to convert the bus to a home or RV, you may want a large bus for the square footage. However, driving a 40’ to 45’ bus requires an understanding of how to maneuver the additional length. Also, if you plan to travel alone, you may find a smaller bus is a better fit for your needs.

Buses are a great starting platform for an RV conversion or a tiny mobile home in which to live or travel. Buying a bus and converting it can be less costly than simply buying a pre-fabricated RV, depending upon your bus selection and conversion requirements. Perhaps your bus application will be a church bus or sports activity bus. Bus tours are also ever popular and require larger passenger capacity buses.

Understand beforehand what you are looking for in a bus and what you need to check before buying one.

Buses tend to run in just about every weather condition imaginable, so depending on their age and where they were primarily driven, they can have some rust on the chassis and underside of the bus.  Crawl under the bus and look at the chassis and the floors. In many cases, there is only surface corrosion that is easily fixable. After removal, it is beneficial to undercoat the bus to prevent future corrosion.

Also, note any areas that appear to have had previous repairs. Repairs are generally profitable for a bus owner and something they will not have to complete in the future, but you should know what type of repair was completed. 

Check the Tires

Maybe you run bus charters or bus tours. Maybe your church needs a church bus. Perhaps your athletic team needs a people mover, or your local senior living center needs an activity bus. There are many different applications in which a bus is needed.

Buying a used bus from a dealer may give you more bus style choices, so look around the lot and consider different sizes and types. Once you make your purchase, you will need to make the bus work for your specific application, so don't rush your selection.

If you can drive the bus, even just around the dealer parking lot, the test drive will give you a better idea of the bus’s condition and if you will be comfortable driving it. If the bus feels too big in the parking lot, it may be too much for you to drive out on the highway every day. In this case, a shuttle bus or minibus may be a better fit for you.

Sawyers Bus Sales has a wide variety of coach buses, mid-sized buses, and minibuses available for your consideration. Come down and take a look. We look forward to meeting you and are happy to show you any bus you are interested in. Let Sawyers Bus Sales help you choose the ideal bus for your transportation needs.

Determine Your Needs

Check the ChaSsis

Tour/Charter Buses, Church Buses, or Sports Team Buses

Check the Engine and Transmission

Things to Consider When Buying a Tour Bus, Church Bus, or Activity Bus

Test Drive the Bus